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Chris & Tash's Love Story

It all started as an invitation to a party (albeit a rejected one) and now, 7-years later, it is revealed that Chris’s invitation turned out to be to the party of their lives – their wedding day… This is Chris & Tash’s beautiful love story.

“It's a love story, baby just say yes…” Taylor Swift

After dating for a few years, Chris asked Tash’s Dad for her hand in marriage. Tash’s dad agreed on condition that Chris beat him at a round of golf. Many attempts later, Tash’s dad eventually ended up paying for Chris to have golf lessons. Chris ended up beating her dad on his own home-turf, Noodsberg country club, and the most perfect proposal followed: Like the true gentleman he is known as, Chris sent Tash for a 2-hour pamper at Simbiosis Spa. On arriving back at their home, Chris had setup a beautiful surprise for Tash, where he proposed.

More than just a wedding…

The ceremony took place in the Lutheran Church in Wartburg, Tash’s home town. Chris and Tash being the 3rd generation in their family to walk down the same aisle on their wedding day, the Lutheran church has become something of a beautiful family tradition. With the reception following at Torwoodlea lodge, just outside New Hanover. On this icy August day, there was certainly no shortage of warmth… With family and loved ones being of the highest importance to the couple, it was little wonder that the wedding day sparkled with thoughtful touches and gestures. From dedicating the ceremony hymns to their parents, to the creature comforts brought in to ensure that guests felt at home throughout the wedding day, and so much more. The wedding day was truly a celebration of love and family. But above all, the love between Chris and Tash shone brightest on this day.

The day’s decor and setup spoke to the couple’s love for detail. Hot chocolate and coffee awaited guests on arrival at the reception venue, along with delicious canapes.

Inside the venue, long glass tables and ice chairs provided an elegance to the room. Lengths of soft tulle and gorgeous white flowers, in addition to abundant candle light elevated the look to a warm, beautiful scene.

With sparklers waving in the background, the couple stepped onto the pristine white dance floor for their 1st dance. Surprising their guests with the dirty dancing routine, much to the awe of the cheering crowd and true to their competitive nature, every step was on point.

“The best love is the kind that awakens the soul. That makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds.”  – The Notebook

Chris and Tash, congratulations on a beautiful wedding! May your marriage be blessed with beautiful adventures, and a lifetime of love.

Photography – Ryan Graham Photography

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