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Top questions to ask your wedding venue during COVID

So if you're reading this, you are probably planning your wedding during this crazy COVID time. It was hard enough planning a wedding when there wasn't COVID, now there’s the additional stress of making sure you are following the rules and regulations for COVID. Wow things just got way more complicated! If there was ever a time to hire an event planner, it would be now.

But if you are still doing it yourself, here are some questions you may need to ask your venue when planning your wedding. Remember the COVID situation is always changing, so the answers to these questions might depend on when your wedding is.

Screen shot, Bookmark the page or grab and pen and paper to jot down these important questions to ask your venue.

1. What is the venues policy on postponement and cancelations? And would there be fees linked to this?

2. How far in advance would we need to review the event date and consider postponement or cancelation?

3. If we need to reschedule is there a time limit in which we must reserve a new date?

4. Will there be dates available for next year? If not do you give a discounted rate for weekday weddings?

5. How much is the deposit? And is it refundable or transferable to a new date?

6. Do you require wedding insurance?

7. How many total guests can you accommodate?

8. Do you have the facilities to live stream the wedding, such as WIFI?

9. Do you have mask requirements for the guests and employees?

10. What kind of cleaning and sanitizing will be done prior and during the event?

11. What safely measures do you have in place for staff?

12. Are there any options to move the wedding outdoors and what’s your capacity then?

13. What are the restrictions on outdoor music?

14. If the wedding is outdoors what restroom access will there be?

15. How will the food be served and presented?

16. What safety measures are being taken in the kitchen to ensure food safety?

17. Can we still have a buffet? If so how will it be places and modified for safety?

18. What kind of bar tendering service will you provide and how can we avoid clustering at the bar?

We hope this makes you a little more prepared for that special day of yours.


The Posh Ladies


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