Real Event: Posh proposal dream come true

A beautiful journey of friendship brought two special souls across our path in what would unfold as the ultimate romantic and posh proposal of marriage.

The heavenly aroma of delicious cappuccino swirled through the cosy lounge of five star boutique hotel, Audacia Manor. We listened intently as Vivek shared his and Joelene’s journey of how a long friendship transformed into a beautiful love. Vivek’s love for Joelene shone so brightly in his eyes on that day, that we couldn’t help but soak up the inspiration for their special dinner setup.


From this day forward…

On a glorious autumn afternoon late in May, Vivek whisked Joelene off to treat her to a day of primping and pampering, while the Posh team sprang into action. As Joelene enjoyed an afternoon of manis and pedis, we set about transforming the pool-side lounge at Audacia Manor. Candle by candle, the relaxed atmosphere of the pool  started transforming into an elegant dinner venue.

You shall not walk alone…

Just as the sun set, Vivek and Joelene arrived at Audacia Manor. Hiding behind the manicured trees of the hotel, we watched the scene unfold. A glamorous Joelene exited the vehicle and started down the candle-lit pathway, hand in hand with the love of her life. Candles and photos of the couple created a magical avenue to the poolside venue. Joelene was treated to a rose on each pedestal lining the pathway, in addition to personalized notes. A special touch and an opportunity for her to stop and take it all in too.

Proposal Proposal Proposal ProposalProposal

Rounding the corner, they arrived at a scene straight out of a fairy tale. A table set for two, completely surrounded by candles, and soft mellow music in the background. Along with cold bubbly on ice and a five star dinner service.

Proposal Proposal Proposal Proposal Proposal Proposal

“The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart.”
– Helen Keller

Drawing inspiration from the beautiful love shared by these two souls, this setup was so much more than just a dinner table… It was a collection of natural and man-made beauty, arranged in a way that would enhance the emotion and romance of this beautiful occasion.

Armed with a beautiful setup, and a hidden photographer to capture the moment, an emotional Vivek got down on bended knee to ask Joelene’s hand in marriage… and she said YES!! Enjoying some bubbly along with a post-proposal photo session to capture the emotions of the night, the happy couple basked in the warmth and happiness of their engagement.

Proposal Proposal Proposal Proposal Proposal

“The beauty of life is in small details…” -(Jim Jarmusch) – and a posh proposal is all about the details…

And finally, the evening would not be a posh one without some personalized details… Above all, we love the fact that small details can bring back the best memories long after a special moment has passed… So naturally our setup included a set of personalized champagne flutes. As a finishing touch, the magic Posh fairies placed some congratulatory coffee mugs and chocolate in their hotel suite.

Proposal Proposal Proposal Proposal Proposal

We witness so many special moments as event planners. Vivek and Joelene, you blew us away with your love for each other.

Congratulations on your engagement! Thank you for choosing our team to play a small part in your happily-ever-after!

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