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Myles’s Barnyard Birthday

Oink, moo and cock-a-doodle-do! What fun we had setting up a Posh barnyard for Myles’s 1st birthday! On a glorious, sunny day in May, the Posh team set about transforming Zimbali’s Bushbuck club into a posh barnyard for Myles and friends.

Myles’s clever mum approached us with a few themed items, which set the foundation for the colourful barnyard theme. Opting for a more interactive setup for the little ones, a beautiful wooden trestle table ( a perfect fit for the theme) was set with themed colouring-in pages as placemats. Grazing cows, sheep, horses and pigs served as the centrepieces, along with white picket fence crayon holders.

We transformed Myle’s high chair into a themed throne with streamers and foil balloons in order to provide the little guests of honour with the perfect seat.

A barnyard full of fun

Giant balloon animals, in every corner of the venue, kept the little guests entertained and in awe. These giant foil balloons are so cute and certainly a posh replacement for the real thing! Hay bales added another layer of wonder to the barnyard-themed setup.

Myles grandpa lovingly providing a mountain of sweets and treats for the little, and not so little, guests to enjoy. (How cool is this grandpa?) and what can be better than a mountain of sweet treats? A beautifully displayed sweetie table of course! We set up a giant letter “m” for Myles, as the table, and displayed all the treats in beautiful glass containers. Mini hay bales and patches of green grass, along with a rustic wooden display stand, added some decorative elements to the display. The amazing cake, created by made by Gileen served as a decadent centrepiece for the sweetie table. A posh event means there is something special for everyone at the event. Buffet tables were specially decorated for Myles’s adult guests. Wooden platters, country style floral arrangements and an animal or two. A hessian cloth and a few more hay bales provided the perfect farm style finish to the table.

Our favourite moment of the day was the moment little Myles arrived at the completed venue. The look of awe in his little eyes, at all the animals and fun things, will be a treasured memory for a lifetime.

Thank you, Myles and Mum, Robyn, for choosing the Posh team for your special celebration!

A note from Robyn and Myles:

“What a wonderful job! It was exactly what we were hoping for and more…and nice to walk away after without having to clean up! Thank you so much for making Myles’ day extra special! We’ll be in touch in the future for sure ”
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